Restaurant Food Containers

Restaurants are starting to appreciate the importance of packaging and how it has the potential to affect customers in their perception of and in interacting with your business. In today’s world, visually appealing restaurant packaging supplies is more likely to capture people's interest and the value of using high quality, socially conscious, and branded products is proven to enhance your image.

Restaurant packaging can be one of the most critical aspects of the take-out dining experience and can elevate an ordinary dish into something more. In some cases, the container has the potential to make or break a meal in the eyes of the customer. This is why restaurant owners must select a packaging supplier that can provide them with high-quality goods representing their brand and creating a positive impression on anyone who comes across them.

Types of Restaurant Supplies Packaging We Offer

Plastic Take-Out Containers

Plastic take-out containers are one of the food and beverage industry’s most in demand packaging materials. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the classic rectangular  16 oz to the 40 oz round containers and even our 39 oz triple compartment style will ensure that all your take-out options are packaged properly.

Clear Deli Soup Container with Lid

Don’t let the name fool you, these containers are much more versatile than just accommodating soup. They are ideal for nuts, spices, pasta, yogurt, curries, beans, veggies and much, much more. Available in various sizes ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz these clear plastic containers are a must.

Kraft Take-Out Boxes

When you have a take-out box that is leak and grease free, microwaveable, vented, biodegradable, and compostable in your arsenal, you are already head and shoulders above the competition. Our Kraft containers tick all the boxes and range from 26 oz to 98 oz sizes.

Cornstarch Clamshell Take-Out Boxes

Available with dual locks and easy grip tabs these heavy duty take-out boxes provide the peace of mind that comes with using highly functional and quality products. Safe for the microwave and easily biodegradable, these containers come in a range of sizes from 6x6” to our 9x9”- 3 Compartment styles.

Portion Cups and Lids

Sauces, dressings, seasonings, spreads and more, these perfectly sized Portion Cups with lids can accommodate all the extras. They come in a leak-proof clear plastic and are absolutely great for even the thinnest liquids. This product comes in 1 oz, 2 oz and 3,5 oz sizes.

Stand-Up Foil Packaging Pouches

Stand-up foil packaging pouches are perfect for foods such as pasta, rice, stuffing, and much more. They seal tight when closed are air and water-proof. They come in both white and black with a matte and glossy finish and are available in 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz options.

The Significance of Packaging

A restaurant's packaging can be a significant factor in customer satisfaction. Customers want to feel special when dining out and even when ordering take-out, which is why good packaging is so important.

A high-quality food packaging supplies can make customers want to come back and make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.


How Much Does a Packaging Cost?

The cost of packaging varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The price varies based on the type of food packaging required, the shipping cost, the material used, and the competitive pricing for each item.

Some suppliers offer free shipping when you buy bulk or order from them the first time. You just need to be diligent in looking for them.

What Is the Best Way to Look for Packaging?

The most effective method is to look for packaging suppliers in your own country. You can also look on the internet, as the internet is a very effective way of searching for packaging. Always choose suppliers with sufficient stock of the packaging you need.

What Are the Different Factors That Can Be Considered in Packaging?

The packaging quality contributes to a particular restaurant's overall promotion. Restaurant packaging should be able to retain heat, desiccation, and cold. Consider the cost, which includes the price of the plastic and materials used in the package.