Choose the Best Take-Out Box for Your Needs

In today's world, takeout is becoming increasingly popular. Whether ordering food online for delivery or picking up a meal from a restaurant, people are generally bringing food items home more than ever. Customers also utilize various delivery and shipping services and it is imperative for businesses to be on their A-game when it comes to packaging. Our solution starts with our high-quality, sustainable, and amazingly priced take-out boxes.

There are various options when choosing takeout boxes. We have your solution, whether you're looking for a sturdy option to keep your food warm or a disposable box that's easy to throw away, our multitude of options will ensure that you have the right containers for the job.

Our Products

Cornstarch Clamshell Take-Out Boxes

These cornstarch takeaway containers can hold heavy objects without leaking. They can also withstand contact with liquids such as water and oil. These biodegradable containers are built to be strong, functional, and environmentally friendly. Our cornstarch clamshell packaging take-out containers are designed with quality in mind.

Kraft Take-Out Boxes

You can't go wrong with these kraft take-out boxes if you're seeking the perfect take-out container that checks all the right boxes. They don't leak or get damaged by grease, can go in the microwave, are suitable for the environment, biodegrade, and can be composted. They also meet all local standards and laws. You can fit everything you need in a Kraft Take Out Box

Benefits of Using Takeout Boxes

Takeout boxes can help protect food from temperature fluctuations. If it's a cold day and the food is left out on the counter, the package will help keep it warm. Or, if it's cold outside, the box will help keep the food warm. Moreover, Takeout boxes provide an extra layer of protection against spills and leaks. Making food look more appetizing and professional.


How Long Do Takeout Boxes Last?

Takeout boxes are disposable, but it's possible to reuse them. They should be cleaned and dried when reusing.

Are Take-Out Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

Many paper and plastic take-out boxes are recyclable, making them easy to dispose of. If the takeout boxes are recyclable, compostable and/or made from recycled materials,  they are  considered eco-friendly.