Vacuum Seal


Keep Your Food Fresh and Safe with Vacuum Seal Bags

A vacuum sealer is an essential piece of equipment for any restaurant. It keeps your food fresh and safe. Sealing your food in a vacuum bag removes the air from the package, preventing bacteria from growing. Vacuuming also helps to preserve the flavour and freshness of your food. A vacuum sealer is a great way to protect your food against spoilage and contamination. So if you're looking for a way to keep your food fresh and safe, a vacuum sealer might be just what you need.

Products We Offer

Pre-cut Vacuum Sealed Bag

This pre-cut vacuum-sealed bag offers the convenience of ready-to-go bags, making vacuum-sealing your products much more accessible and more straightforward. These bags can fulfill nearly all your requirements, with three sizes available.

Vacuum Sealer Rolls

These vacuum sealer rolls allow you to create vacuum seal bags to accommodate almost any product. They also come in three sizes but can be sealed to any desired length. The rolls come in 50’ lengths.

Benefits of Vacuum Sealer

Keep Food Fresher for Longer

Vacuum sealing helps keep out moisture and bacteria, which can prematurely spoil and make your food unsafe to eat. Vacuum sealers can help extend your food's life so that you can avoid wastage and buy items in bulk, worry-free.

Prevents Germs from Growing

One of the best ways to prevent microorganisms from growing on food is by using a vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer creates a barrier between the food and the environment, which prevents the conditions needed for germs to grow. Provide yourself with the peace of mind that your customers receive the safest and highest standard of meals by vacuum sealing.

Prevent Food Spoilage

Vacuum sealer bags can help prevent food from spoiling, saving you time and money. The airtight seal created by the vacuum sealer blocks air and light, further protecting your food from spoiling.

Prevents Food Contamination

A vacuum sealer removes all the air from food packaging, creating an airtight seal that prevents food contamination. 


How Can Vacuum-Sealed Plastic Packaging Help Your Restaurant Business?

Vacuum-sealed plastic packaging can help your restaurant business in many ways. Using vacuum-sealed packaging, you can keep your food fresh and save money. Additionally, vacuum seal containers can provide higher organization and inventory management capabilities.

How Long Can You Vacuum Seal?

This is dependent on the type of food itself. Certain meats should be sealed and frozen for no longer than 4 months while other products will stay fresh for years. Contact us with any specific questions.

Can You Use Any Bags with Vacuum Sealers?

Vacuum sealing is ineffective for all bags. Ordinary bags cannot maintain a vacuum and will allow oxygen to escape. Ensure that the vacuum bag you use for purchasing is designated as a for this purpose. The amount of protection will depend on the materials' thickness and the bags quality.